March 22, 2011

Interested ?

So me and my friends were seating in a Cafe and for some reason we started talking about our bags and what kind of interesting things we might have inside our bags...
Then it hit me...
 I am going to show you what is in my bag today...
For reasons that you do not need to know I am going to hide some of the things and not show them to you but i promise you will see most of the things in my bag.
Hope you are ready for this !!!

Louis Vuitton bag and purse, Swarovski earrings, Fox's sweets :) , 
Vogue, Rings from Cuba and Camden, My phone and Ipod, Make up bag, Strawberry body spray, 
Sun Glasses, Nail polish and a BOOK (trying to look smart) ahaha joking i actually like reading.  

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