May 01, 2011

Royal Wedding

Привет, Привет всем!
Well Hello, Hello
How have you been my darlings?
So getting closer to the point, a couple of days (or not a couple) ago i (well me and my family) got an invitation to the ROYAL WEDDING 
I WISH... 
I'm just kidding! its a family friend who is getting married
and the reason why i am talking about it is that not because i have nothing better to do, but because i find the invitation very pretty and CHARMING...

Don't worry sweeties
 I will post some photos of my outfits soon enough

Well if i ma talking about weddings i might as well start talking about the most popular wedding this year and probably last year and the year before that... well you get the point
 Apparently this is what the Royal Wedding invitation looked like:

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