October 15, 2011

I feel a DIY coming on

This is best done when the old per of jeans is a boyfriend style jeans, high waist or a bit big on you.
In this case my boyfriend style jeans were not ready to be cut...
Thats why i used jeans that are a bit tight on my legs,
But it still looks pretty cool

 and for some weird reason i still haven't told what i am doing... I am making shorts out of old jeans that I no longer use
  • pair of large scissors 
  • hard soap
  • knife or the cutting thing that i have 
  • measuring tape 
So the first thing you do is measure how short you want your shorts to be. 
Do this on both sides (and both legs), then using hard soap you mark where you want to cut.

Then just cut where your mark is, make sure both legs are even long
Then if you want any cuts on the shorts use the knife to do it...

Lastly in order to achieve rough edges of the shorts you need to use the scissors but this is kind of hard to explain... 
Sorry if not made clear: so you don't need to cut anything anymore,
you just need to take the scissors and kind of move them right to left on the edge of the shorts. 
Do this until you see the result that makes you happy.
And that pretty much it. 
Hope you like it and here is what it looks like on me and what i might wear it with.